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WYES continues its ongoing initiative exploring progress rebuilding a safer, stronger, smarter city post-Katrina.

RESHAPING A GREATER NEW ORLEANS: CRIMINAL JUSTICE is a television series launched in 2008 to explore efforts to reinvent the city’s criminal justice system.

The first program tracked the alliance of criminal justice leaders determined to use Katrina’s ruin as the catalyst for positive change.  The 2012 program measured the progress including New Orleans Pretrial Services and introduced the police consent decree.  The 2013 edition delved into the size of the judiciary and number of courts in the Orleans Parish criminal justice system. The May 2014 report examines the status of consent decrees to end unconstitutional practices at the jail and in the police department. A fall 2014 episode will explore issues in the criminal court judge and district attorney election.

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Watch the latest installment in the ongoing series about changes to the Orleans Parish Criminal Justice System:


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Learn more about the varying viewpoints and opinions on this important public safety issue. Watch the latest installment of the Reshaping a Greater New Orleans: Criminal Justice series as WYES Community Projects producer Marcia Kavanaugh is joined by chairman of the New Orleans Crime Coalition, Dr. Michael Cowan, retired Orleans Parish Criminal District Court Judge Calvin Johnson and Bureau of Governmental Research President and CEO, Janet Howard, with reports by journalist Katy Reckdahl.

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