Nostalgic New Orleans Eats and Drinks


Premiered on Wednesday, November 14, 2012

Many locals fondly recall beloved “eats and drinks” that originated in New Orleans. WYES’ latest documentary, NOSTALGIC NEW ORLEANS EATS AND DRINKS, focuses on the early history of some local food and beverage favorites that are now part of our collective memory, as well as a few that, thankfully, are still around.

For many New Orleanians, the day often started with the delivery of milk to their front door each morning. Gold Seal was one of many local dairies providing that service, but became more famous for its Creole Cream Cheese. Borden’s, another local dairy, is still with us today.

“New Orleans has always been known for food, but sometimes it’s not the special meals at restaurants, but the everyday type of local touches that evoke warm memories,” says producer and host Peggy Scott Laborde.

Local lunches may have consisted of Mrs. Drake’s sandwiches as remembered by food critic Tom Fitzmorris and advertising consultant Peter Mayer. For those with a sweet tooth, the image of king cakes and “turtles,” a chocolate pecan confection, from McKenzie’s come to mind. Although not sold in a bakery, Hubig’s Pies are another local favorite. Of course, no local Easter basket is complete without the favored Gold Brick and Heavenly Hash eggs.

“Very much missed are local soda fountains and the refreshing treat they provided,” says Laborde. Katz and Besthoff drug store soda fountains featured a nectar soda – a pink almond-flavored beverage – that was a highlight. K&B also produced their own ice cream in a large assortment of flavors.

Every local loves what with their boiled seafood? Beer, of course! New Orleans was once home to numerous breweries – Jax, Regal, Falstaff and Dixie, among them. Fond memories of the breweries and their brews are recalled.

And, if that’s not enough, more local tastes are remembered such as Dickey’s Potato Chips, the local snack chip that added something special to a meal, or eaten alone, as recalled by Louisiana Fourth Circuit Court of Appeal Judge Ediwn Lombard and United States Attorney Jim Letten.

Founded in New Orleans 40 years ago, Popeye’s Fried Chicken, with its distinctive spicy flavor, has become an international sensation. The creation of the late Al Copeland, successfully expanded with the inclusion of such local staples as red beans and rice and even the time-honored biscuit.

NOSTALGIC NEW ORLEANS EATS AND DRINKS will evoke memories for the local palate through rare images, history and anecdotes from such local notables as singer Wanda Rouzan, United States Attorney Jim Letten, Tom Fitzmorris, Poppy Tooker, Angelo Brocato, Sammy Centanni of Gold Seal Creamery, and Peter Mayer – to name a few.

The program is produced and narrated by Peggy Scott Laborde. Editor is Larry Roussarie. Associate producer is Ashli Richard and Paul Combel is the photographer.

Thank you to our generous sponsors: WYES Producers Circle and Whitney Bank

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Among Those Interviewed are:

Sydney Anderson
Kevin Belton
Angelo Brocato, III
Sammy Centanni
Maria-Kay Chetta
Al Copeland, Jr.
Tom Fitzmorris
John Koerner
Jim Letten
Judge Edwin Lombard
Peter Mayer
Boby Murret
Edward Piglia
Wanda Rouzan
Alan Smason
Poppy Tooker

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