WYES is Your Tricentennial Station!


In 2018 we will celebrate New Orleans’ Tricentennial, the 300th Anniversary of the founding of our amazing city!

WYES’ award-winning staff is currently working on new documentaries, books, short features, grade school electronic field trips and tourism tie-ins that all showcase our city’s unique history, heritage and culture.

Here is what you can look forward to through this multi-year, multi-faceted venture:

  • Already produced and featured on WYES-TV! THE BATTLE OF NEW ORLEANS: A MEANINGFUL VICTORY looks at the most misunderstood military engagement in our country’s history. The one-hour documentary is produced and hosted by Tom Gregory and Marcia Kavanaugh. Premiered January 2015. WATCH IT NOW on WYES’ YouTube Channel. 
  • The one-hour documentary NEW ORLEANS AND THE MISSISSIPPI premiered November 2015 on WYES. The hour-long documentary explores the unique relationship that exists between our city and the body of water on which it was founded. Producer and narrator is Peggy Scott Laborde.
  • A 90-minute documentary NEW ORLEANS: THE FIRST 300 YEARS produced by Peggy Scott Laborde.      
  • A companion coffee table book, NEW ORLEANS: THE FIRST 300 YEARS, by Errol Laborde and Peggy Scott Laborde. 

Stay tuned as WYES, your New Orleans Storyteller, continues to document our rich history and some of the most unique people, architecture, food, music, art and politics anywhere in the world!

WYES would like to thank our Tricentennial project Cornerstone Sponsors:

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