Informed Sources – February 1, 2013

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Gov. Jindal has said that he would like to pattern tax reform after Texas and Florida, yet new research has shown that there are some important differences between those states and here. Another way we are different is that we are hosting a Super Bowl this weekend and they’re not. We’ll look at the preparation and security. Out Future Watch segment examines projects around town that appear to be stalled, and those that are not. New streetcar service opened this week. Riding the first streetcar was Mayor Mitch Landrieu who is facing the fourth anniversary of his election. We’ll examine which way both the trolleys and the mayor are going.
On board for us are tonight’s Informed Sources:


  • Errol Laborde, Producer, Informed Sources.
  • Tyler Bridges, reporter, The Lens.
  • Dawn Ostrom, our Future Watch reporter.
  • Rob Masson, reporter,WVUE tv, Ch. 8
  • Larry Lorenz, Host

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