Informed Sources – February 15, 2013

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For the New Orleans police a couple of victory laps are in order: They quickly nabbed multiple suspects in two high profile crimes at the same time that they were protecting and serving the public during carnival and the Super Bowl.
We’ll look at modern crime fighting tonight. . .and at the face-off between two ambitious young southern Republican politicians, Bobby Jindal and Florida Senator Marco Rubio.
We’ll also examine Catholicism at a time when the Vatican is undergoing a sudden change. . .reveal what we learned from the past carnival season and look at a parish councilman who may have played favorites in handing out some jobs.
On the job for us are tonight’s Informed Sources:

  • Errol Laborde, Producer, Informed Sources.
  • Jason Berry, freelance journalist who has written extensively about the Vatican.
  • Stephanie Grace, freelance journalist,
  • Mike Perlstein, Managing editor, four 4 investigates, WWL TV, Channel 4.
  • Larry Lorenz, Host

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