Informed Sources – March 15, 2013

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When the Newhouse family decided to reduce The Times Picayune to three times a week Steve Newhouse referred to the noise dying down. Now things may be about to get louder.
Bobby Jindal displayed his comedy skills at the Washington Gridiron show last week and among those looking on was President Obama. We’ll see who made the better impression.
More serious was Jindal’s tax proposal released Thursday. We’ll be discussing those stories tonight along with local Catholicism and the new pope and Fred Heebe home free.  Our Future Watch segment examines the revival of the Riverwalk.

Dealing with all that are tonight’s Informed Sources:

  • Errol Laborde, Producer, Informed Sources.
  • Tyler Bridges, reporter, The Lens
  • Dawn Ostrom, our Future Watch reporter.
  • Stephanie Grace, freelance journalist and contributor to Gambit newspaper.
  •  Larry Lorenz, Host

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