Informed Sources – March 22, 2013

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Usually when a public official wants to eliminate income tax that’s a popular move. The problem comes with what will be increased to make up for the shortfall. With the new legislative session only a few weeks away the debate on the governor’s tax plan rages. Among the newspapers covering the session will be The Times-Picayune and Baton Rouge’s Advocate, and they themselves have become news as the storm in the New Orleans media climate continues.
We’ll be looking at those stories …and at Creationism, Charter Schools, possible bad news for a New Orleans institution and sink holes.
Dealing with that for us are tonight’s Informed Sources:

  • Errol Laborde, Producer, Informed Sources,
  • From Baton Rouge, John Maginnis, publisher , LaPolitics Weekly
  • Steve Beatty, Publisher of The Lens.
  • James Gill, Columnist, The Times-Picayune
  • Larry Lorenz, Host

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