Informed Sources – November 16, 2012

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There was an oil rig explosion in the gulf today and an explosion of a different sort yesterday when British Petroleum entered a guilty plea.  In politics, in the wake of the closely contested bridge toll referendum, an investigation has shown the importance of little known “provisional ballots”. On that same ballot, Barack Obama might have had a major effect on certain elections and Bobby Jindal’s outspoken response to the outcome raises speculation about his next political move. We’ll examine those stories tonight. Our Future Watch segment looks at the status of Deutches Haus.
On tap for us are tonight’s Informed Sources:

  • Errol Laborde, Producer, Informed Sources.
  • Kevin McGill, reporter, Associated Press.
  • Dawn Ostrum, our Future Watch reporter
  • Tyler Bridges, reporter, The Lens
  • Larry Lorenz, Host

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