On-Air Credit Guidelines

As a public television station, WYES-TV has a tradition of high-quality programming that our viewers and sponsors have come to value and expect. We are pleased to recognize your company as a community partner. We have established simple guidelines to help you develop an on-air message that both makes a favorable, lasting impression and is consistent with WYES’ non-commercial format.

The WYES staff will work closely with you to create your spot. We can provide all the production services necessary or we can adapt existing commercial spots. Prior to shooting, all message copy and video must be approved by WYES to ensure they meet the FCC’s legal requirements for public television and are consistent with WYES’ guidelines.


  • Name and describe your business or organization in non-commercial terms.
  • Identify products and services.
  • Express your corporate philosophy.
  • Highlight your company’s commitment to public television’s educational mission.


  • A brief, objective description of your product and/or service.
  • An established (at least six months) corporate slogan.
  • Business location.
  • Length of time in business.


  • Show your logo if it does not contain promotional phrases or materials.
  • Show up to four products in a neutral setting.
  • Show the inside/outside of your business.
  • Visually show your website and/or phone number for five seconds.
  • Show value-neutral employees or consumers.
  • Include a “bona fide” corporate official.


  • No ‘calls-to-action,’ e.g., “call now” or “visit us.”
  • Price or value information.
  • Inducements to buy, sell or lease
  • Endorsements
  • Qualitative (e.g., “the best,” or “the biggest.”), comparative or promotional language.
  • Use of possessive pronouns such as “we”, “you”, “your”, “our”, or “us”.


  • Logos with promotional phrases or calls to action.
  • Visuals of product in use or action.
  • Visuals of a product in a commercial setting.
  • Visuals of employees or consumers using or “enjoying” the product.
  • Phone numbers or websites that spell out a call to action or other promotional claim.

NOTE: No set of specific guidelines will anticipate every use or possible combination of permissible creative element s that constitute an underwriting credit. Therefore, eventhough an underwriting credit may be in compliance with each individual component of these guidelines, every credit must also meet the test of whether its overall character and effect is in keeping with the noncommercial nature of public broadcasting. In all cases, the judgment of WYES is final.

General Programming Samples:

“Support for INFORMED SOURCES is provided by the Darwin and Mary Jane Fenner Family Fund, a foundation supporting educational endeavors.”

“Chevron is committed to improving the quality of life in our community. Educating the public about important issues furthers that commitment. That’s why Chevron is proud to support INFORMED SOURCES.”

“Fidelity Homestead has helped families from throughout this area for over 100 years with home loans, construction loans, checking accounts, Visa debit ATM cards and savings and retirement plans. Fidelity Homestead Association – Since 1908.”

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