Election 2017

For the first time in the city's 300-year history a woman will be mayor. 

Who will you vote for on November 18th?
LaToya Cantrell or Desiree Charbonnet 

BE INFORMED! Producers asked both candidates the same 11 questions. Candidates were allowed three minutes to respond to each question. Hear what the candidates have to say on how they plan on reducing crime, handling Sewerage and Water Board issues, reducing incarceration, repairing city streets, deciding if monuments should be removed and much more. 


This was the first live broadcast from the new Charlie & Janette Kornman Performance Studio at WYES. The one-hour Special Edition looks at the upcoming October 14th election. 

*originally aired on October 3 at 7pm on WYES-TV/Channel 12 at streamed live on wyes.org 
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Webcast made possible by Baptist Community Ministries

On Wednesday, September 27 from 5-7pm WYES carried a live stream on wyes.org of the GRADE-LEVEL READING MAYORAL CANDIDATE FORUM. Missed it? Watch it now. 

The forum sponsor, the New Orleans Campaign for Grade-Level Reading, invited the leading three mayoral candidates to discuss their plans to address the needs of families with children, birth through age eight.

The forum was held at WYES Paulette and Frank Stewart Innovation Center for Educational Media inside the new Charlie & Janette Kornman Performance Studio.