Lost Restaurants of New Orleans


A look back at some of the most notable restaurants from the Crescent City’s more recent past.  Produced and narrated by Peggy Scott Laborde.

Approx. 60 minutes.  (DVD only)




It’s no surprise that New Orleanians don’t just eat to live, but they “live to eat!”   Peggy Scott Laborde takes a look back at some of the notable restaurants from the Crescent City’s more recent past.

Restaurant critics Tom Fitzmorris, Gene Bourg and Underground Gourmet Richard Collin provide background commentary on the local restaurant scene.  Ann Maylie Bruce, Chef Austin Leslie, Tom Pittari, Jr. and Cherie Banos Schneider remember their families’ establishments – Maylies, Chez Helene, T. Pittari’s, and Corinne Dunbar’s.

Chef Leah Chase and New York Observer film critic and former Baton Rouge resident Rex Reed discuss their favorite dining establishments and most memorable dishes from this city of delectable fare.

And favorite dishes are bountiful in this culinary adventure.

The table is set with Maylie’s boiled beef brisket, lobster and wild game from T. Pittari’s, Lenfant’s “fried shrimp in pants,” liver l’orange from Jonathan, Masson’s Restaurant Francais’ almond torte, Corinne Dunbar’s Oysters Dunbar, red beans from Wise’s Cafeteria and fried chicken from Jim’s Fried Chicken and Chez Helene.

Just remember, you may want to EAT before you watch!