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The Benefits of Membership

WYES loves to take care of its members. Here are some of the benefits you can enjoy by donating today:
  • Pride in becoming part of the story. Your contribution means we can continue to tell the rich stories of New Orleans and the Gulf Coast.
  • A 1-year subscription to New Orleans Magazine. This local magazine includes the WYES program guide, DIAL12. ($40+)
  • Access to WYES | Passport. That's exclusive On-Demand content any time, any place. ($60+)

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WYES Member

WYES Members donate to support the mission of WYES in New Orleans and the Gulf Coast region.

WYES Sustainer

WYES Sustainer

WYES Sustainers provide support through on-going monthly donations. Sustainers can join at any level from $5/mo. and up.

WYES Producers Circle

WYES Producers Circle

The Producer's Circle is for those who contribute $1200/year or more. These members support the production of regular programming as well as special local programs.

More Ways to Support WYES

WYES "Take Your Seat" Campaign

Leave your legacy and be part of WYES history. Don't Sit This One Out!

Corporate Support

Corporate sponsorship is a great way to invest in our community and gain great visibility for your business.


Donating your time to WYES can be just as helpful as a financial donation.

Matching Gifts

Many corporations match their employees' charitable donations. Check here to see if your employer is one of them.

For Major & Planned Giving

If you are interested in making a major gift to WYES, please contact our Executive Vice President & Chief Operating Officer, Robin Cooper by email or phone at (504) 840-4894.