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WYES is committed to producing award-winning programs that showcase our distinct local 
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Coming January 28, 2020...hear the story of Dixie Beer. Click to learn more.
New 30-minute documentary BIRTH OF THE BREWS: A HISTORY OF DIXIE BEER premieres Thursday, January 28 at 8pm
Drink up a hundred years of local beer history with WYES' newest documentary.
WYES produces weekly programs, plus national cooking series:
Chef Kevin Belton
KEVIN BELTON'S NEW ORLEANS CELEBRATIONS! *Purchase the cookbook & Favorites DVD
Watch Saturdays at 9:30am & Sundays at 1pm
Marcia Kavanaugh hosts Informed Sources
INFORMED SOURCES brings together New Orleans' top journalists.
Every Friday at 7pm & Sundays at 9:30am
Peggy Scott Laborde hosts Steppin' Out
What fun things are happening around New Orleans? Find out on STEPPIN' OUT.
Every Friday at 7:30pm & 11pm
Hey cord cutters! Exciting news. You can now watch your favorite PBS programs on WYES as part of a YouTube TV subscription. Learn more. https://tv.youtube.com/
Kitchen Queens: New Orleans Coming Soon!


Susan Spicer, Rosedale/Bayona

Haley Bittermann, Ralph Brennan Restaurant Group

Alison Vega-Knoll, Station 6

Tia Henry, Café Dauphine

Luot Nguyen, Magasin Café

Megan Forman, Gracious Bakery Café

Melissa Martin, Mosquito Supper Club

Christina do Carmo Honn, Café Cour/Carmo

Cara Benson, Tartine/Toast

Tanya Dubuclet, Neyow’s Creole Cafe

Ericka Michelle Lassiar, Diva Dawg Food Truck

Allison Vines-Rushing, NOCHI

Sue Zemanick, Zasu

Rebecca Wilcomb, Gianna

Jana Billiot, Restaurant R’evolution

Christie Plaisance, Bouligny Tavern

Meg Bickford, Commander’s Palace

Becky Wasden, Two Girls One Shuck

Cynthia VuTran, Café Minh

Melissa Araujo, Saveur Catering

Lenora Chong, Morrow’s

Maribeth Del Castillo, Taceaux Loceaux

Leighann Smith, Piece of Meat

Amarys Herndon, Palm & Pine

Nicole Mackie, Ma Momma’s House of Cornbread, Chicken and Waffles

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