WYES-TV will launch a multi-part series delving into the challenges and opportunities facing the coastal communities of south Louisiana. Watch the premiere on Wed., June 21 at 7pm on WYES-TV and streams on and on the WYES and PBS Apps.

The combination of climate change, land erosion and subsidence, sea level rise and more frequent and ferocious storms has created an existential threat to communities along the Gulf Coast. Louisiana is confronting the problem with strategic planning involving land building and community relocation while nurturing the development of industries focused on coastal preservation, resilience, sustainability and alternative energy resources.

The first episode premiering on Wed., June 21 at 7pm will focus on the states’ updated Coastal Master Plan. Producer and host Marcia Kavanaugh welcomes environment reporter Mark Schleifstein, environment columnist Bob Marshall and environment reporter Halle Parker to discuss how the most recent state plan addresses the threat to coastal Louisiana due to the loss of wetlands, land subsidence and sea level rise.