Streetcar Stories


This 1995 documentary celebrates the history of the iconic New Orleans streetcar, illustrating how these transit vehicles were interwoven with the fabric of everyday life. Produced by Michael Mizell-Nelson and directed by Matthew Martinez.

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This one-hour documentary illustrates the importance of streetcars in the everyday life of New Orleans before automobiles took over city streets. Special attention is given to the violent 1929 streetcar strike that gave the poor boy sandwich its name; women transit operators during World War II; segregation and the integration of the streetcars; and the rise of the automobile in U.S. cities. Produced by the late Michael Mizell-Nelson, directed by Matthew J. Martinez and narrated by Philip Melancon. Extras on this restored DVD edition include a short documentary on the 2004 return of the Canal St. streetcar, a one-hour interview with musicians Danny & Blue Lu Barker and a slide show of rare New Orleans streetcar photos.